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Beautiful bicycles for every purpose

Whether it’s doing the school run, the weekly shop, your daily commute (or even taking stuff to the dump!) we’re sure we can find the right bike for you. We’re the North West of England’s e-bike and electric cargo bike specialists.

e-radicals: cargo e-bike shop, electric bike shop and retailer of Riese & Müller, Gazelle and Tern bicycles in Lancaster, Lancashire.

Our selection of e-bikes

What is an electric bike?

A question we hear a lot is: what actually is an e-bike? (And aren’t they illegal?)

In the UK, legal electric bicycles are properly known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’, or EAPCs. These are restricted to a maximum speed of 15.5mph, with a maximum power output of 250 watts. They must have pedals, and can only provide motor assistance while the rider is pedalling.

Electric bikes that meet these requirements are classed as normal pedal bikes, can be ridden on cycle lanes and anywhere else pedal bikes are allowed, and anyone aged 14 or over can ride them. Anything else: either faster, more powerful, or with a ‘twist and go’ throttle are not legal. Or they are classed as motorbikes and should be registered, insured, and ridden only with a crash helmet like other motorbikes.

E-Radicals sells and services road-legal electric bikes as defined above. We are unable to help with other types of electric bikes and do not endorse their use.

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