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A lady riding a tundra grey matt Riese & Müller Load4 60 cargo bike on a cycle lane across a bridge.

Cargo bikes that can handle whatever you throw at them

All our bikes are designed and built with car-replacement and load-carrying in mind. But if you’re looking for something that can carry substantial loads, then an electric cargo bike may well be the answer. We sell the full range of Riese & Müller cargo bikes covering a wide price range.

Jargon busting: aficionados have placed cargo bikes into two broad categories: those that store their loads upfront, and those that place it at the back. Front-loading cargo bikes have been coined as ‘bakfiets’ (Dutch for ‘box bikes’) in the Netherlands, and ‘long johns’ by the Danes. While rear-loading bikes are known around the world as ‘long tails’. Riese & Müller produce models for both categories and we stock all of them.

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