No-one likes getting their bike stolen. It’s very frustrating, and can be extremely distressing when it happens. Some people resign themselves to the idea that bike theft is inevitable and that the only solution is to just ride an old, worn-out bike.

We respectfully disagree. Most bike theft is carried out by opportunists on bikes that are not secured with a high-quality bike lock.

Bike locks have come a long way over the last few years, especially with the rise of electric bikes which are typically much more expensive than regular bikes. Numerous challenger brands have entered the market with anti-angle grinder bike locks that are extremely resistant to the typical attack methods used by bike thieves. And happily the larger brands are now following suit.

We’re delighted to have just received this new lock from Abus – the Granit Super Extreme 2500. It carries a Sold Secure Diamond rating for both pedal and powered cycles and is comparable with other leading locks on the market. It also comes with a neat holder so you can stow it on the rear rack of your bike when not in use.

However, perhaps the best feature this lock has over its competitors is that if you already have a bike that uses Abus’s XPlus key system, then we can supply you with one of these locks custom-made to fit your key.

Almost every Riese & Müller bike already comes with an Abus XPlus key for its frame lock, battery lock, or both. Adding this lock to the mix provides a whole new level of bike security.

Pop in if you’d like to have a look at them, or just have a more general chat about solutions for keeping your bike safe.